When I started out in my business career many years ago, there was a lot of talk about “technology for technology sake”.  This simply means that lots of things were being created without good application/use in mind.  Now, we are much more surrounded by technology than ever before.  I remember trialing the Simon, a “smartphone” that did many of the functions that an iPhone does today.  However, it was not in the cloud, did not connect to a music service and many more “connected” features.

The excitement of today’s technology is how pervasive it is.  So many people have access to information through the internet and TV, it is hard not to be relatively well informed.  Sometimes what people are informed about is not the most desirable or positive, but at least they are well informed.

“Educate and inform the whole mass of the people… They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty. ” – Thomas Jefferson

Apple under Steve Jobs’ leadership did an amazing job bringing technology to the masses in a package that was easy to use and desirable.  Microsoft did it for the PC.  Apple did it for the personal handheld devices.  The lines between those two are really beginning to blur.

These things keep me excited about life, work and educating everyone.  Education is for our children, young adults, adults and even our elderly.  It is never to late to learn something new.  Access to information provides us with the ability to never stop learning.  And its easy.

Technology is an enabler and if you look at science fiction from back in the 50s, such as Isacc Asimov, you realize that they saw access to information as a key enabler to a better society.  I believe that we are creating a better society through greater dissemination of information.  What we do as a society with that information is the important thing.

I hope my endeavors will help guide and shape in a positive way some of those positive trends.

Keep moving forward.  – Kirby