So for Christmas I got a Fitbit Flex. I fancy myself as up on most technology and current events. However, I have not gotten into the fitness devices other than the apps on my iPhone (Map My Ride/Run etc). I have been reading up on the different devices and their approaches to following your activity. My wife, knowing me well, picked the one that works perfect for me so far. Funny that I did a wearable selector from on which wearable works best for you and the Fitbit Flex came up for me.

I am still not sure what I am going to use it for but I can see the benefits of knowing what type of exercise I am getting and how that is affecting my energy and productivity. I am really attracted to using technology in ways that help our lives. I do believe that technology is a tool of empowerment. I plan on sharing my experiences and conclusions from using my new Fitbit and other life management technology tools to help me be more productive and (hopefully) happier. Stay tuned.