I have found enjoyment in sharing information in my blog about my passions, especially in technology.  Technology has always been something I have pursued and included in my life.  Early on my father purchased a Sperry XT computer with two 5 1/4 floppy drives with a 4 color CGA screen.  It was really incredible for the time.  I convinced my parents to get me a TI99 4A computer which I started programming on and had a lot of fun with it.  It mostly ended up in parts after I took it apart to see how it worked.

I have embraced technology in many ways and look forward to how it will improve all our lives over the coming years.  I will continue to share my thoughts on those trends in my blog as new ideas hit me.

Since the sale of Solar Velocity, life has been exciting in my work endeavors.  I have worked with a number of companies and am involved in multiple start ups.  Working through the areas of which I enjoy the most and have the most impact has been dynamic and gratifying.  I post tweets of industry trends and topics of interest as often as I can.  Those tweets and posts will appear on my Tweets! section of my blog site.  I will continue to share personal opinions of technology industries in this blog.