I am excited to be starting a new journey in my life.  I spent the last decade engrossed in building a business named Solar Velocity.  For those of you who might not be familiar with it, Solar Velocity was a full service interactive marketing agency.  It was truly a fulfilling ride.  Starting and building your own company is very much like getting an MBA in the trenches.  The lesssons learned and expereince you receive can be overwhelming at times.  As I reflect back on the many things I have accomplished and hurdles I overcame, it gives me hope and a sense of excitement in the new challenges before me.

Winter Media is the entity that I founded prior to Solar Velocity as my personal consultancy.  I have reinvirogated that name and philosphy to use my experience to assist organizations that need my knowledge.  I have already begun the early stages of assisting a number of organizations.  I look forward to expanding those roles and tackling new challenges.

I will be relaunching my Winter Media website this week to give more details on my areas of expertise and direction.  Higher Education and mobile technologies are two big areas of focus.  I am looking forward to getting back into some vibrant organizations and help them build thier businesses.